SportsEngine Registration: Cactus-Horizon Little League

Sponsor Registration


Sponsor Your Local Little League!

CHLL, a non-profit organization, is committed to providing the best youth baseball experience focusing on player development and creating lifelong memories.  We receive the majority of our funding via sponsorships and contributions from the local community.  Although we manage expenses extremely well, the fees associated with registration simply do not cover the cost of operating the league on an annual basis or allow us to build our program for the future.  As such, we welcome any support that your business is willing to offer and will consider specific sponsorships unique to your business, just let us know.

Your generous contributions are used to fund uniforms, trophies, lights, field maintenance, umpires, and player equipment... and will not go unnoticed.  In addition to the sponsorship of your choice, we will also include you in our communication to the CHLL community via our social media, email announcements, website, and other visibility opportunities.  

Thank you for your generosity!

Please direct questions to:

Adam Schwartz